Monday, May 18, 2015

National College of Media & Communication Pathway to Success

National College of Media & Communication Pathway to Success
Syed Ali Mujtaba

Indian media and entertainment industry is evolving rapidly. There is a huge dearth of skilled professionals to feed this industry. There are requirement of editors, sound recorders, cameraman, lighting experts, composers, cinematographers, graphics expert, animators, screenplay writers, anchors, set designers, photographers, to mention a few jobs in the huge industry.

National College of Media& Communication (NCMC), Chennai, is one place where em-planed training is given in different disciplines of media studies. Here a combination of papers grounded in theory and practical helps the students acquire necessary training required to become media professionals.

NCMC sensitize the students with all the nuances of the media and entertainment industry. It equips the students to communicate in various formats of media such as; hand based imagery, computerized imagery, still and moving imagery. NCMC endeavor is to transform its student to see things from the eye of an artist.

High quality teaching faculty, friendly teaching environment, spacious classrooms with power point projectors, first hand industry exposure, ensures smooth conduct of the classes at NCMC. The experts from the field of media and entertainment industry visit NCMC regularly to share their knowledge.

A well equipped multimedia studio, latest still digital cameras and video cameras, state of the art shooting floor, editing and sound recording studio, large number of books and periodicals, CD and DVDs are the key features at NCMC.

NCMC makes students to visit various media houses, help network with the professionals. The College empowers the students and helps them realize their dream to enter into media and entertainment industry.

The students finds employment through campus interviews. They  can find employment as Multimedia Designer, Web Developer and Web Production Specialist, Web Graphics Artist, Animators, Visualizers, Cartoonists, Photographers, Cinematographers, Film makers, Video Editor, Director, Scriptwriter, Interactive Content Specialist, Event Managers and many more.

Most of the NCMC students find placement at the film and television production units, television channels, multimedia studios, advertising agencies, newspapers, magazines, and other media and entertainment outlets.

As Media Studies due to its applications found in innumerable interrelated professions has emerged as one of the fastest growing field of education, NCMC is the only right place gain media literacy.

Dr Syed Ali Mujtaba is heads the National College of Media&Communication.  He can be contacted at 9790919011

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