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Study Film Making at National College of Media and Communication

 Study Film Making at National College of Media and Communication
Syed Ali Mujtaba

The number of persons who maintain a viable career working in the film industry is simply huge. It is really difficult to ascertain the exact number of people who work in films and their number varies according to the nature and scope of the film.

The film making process provides employment to a large number of persons and even the government has given it a status of “Industry.” The persons working in film industry are industrial workers with a difference.

There are two kinds of jobs in the film making process. One for those who like to work as full time in different movie studios or in smaller production companies, second those who work on contract basis for the duration of the making of the film.

In the first category there can be 100 to 1000 people depending on the size of the company but the number of those on contract is simply huge and can really not be counted.

There are generally positions in the film making process and each position may employ multiple people. A single movie can employ over several hundred people during the course of its production.

The fundamental nature of the film industry is that every project is a temporary "factory" that employs a large number of people. Once the project is over each one is "laid off" and have to search their next job.

However, the uncertainty is short lived as several movies are produced and the next job is ready even before the completion of the first project. So there no one who really remains unemployed in film industry.

Those who are really looking for job in the film industry must have a fair idea of the positions that is being offered. They should gain sufficient knowledge and training of the aspired position. This can be acquired at specialized training in media schools.

National College of Media and Communication (NCMC) is one such place that offers courses such Diploma Film Technology. It’s also planning to start BSc in Film Making in the coming academic year.

The special feature of NCMC is, here em-planed training is provided to its students. After the necessary foundation of the course, the classroom is shifted to the actual location of the film making. Each student is attached to the head of the production that the student may aspire for becoming in the film industry.

This unique method of training at NCMC is base on sixty per cent practical training and forty per cent theory classes that is taught in its spacious classrooms.

The film making training at NCMC is doing wonder to the students. The students are really job ready, once they finish their course at NCMC. So anyone looking for film studies course may take a campus tour at Puzhal, Chennai

Syed Ali Mujtaba heads NCMC. He can be contacted at 9790919011

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