Monday, May 18, 2015

National College of Media & Communication Offers Attractive Course for Girls

National College of Media & Communication Offers Attractive Course for Girls
Syed Ali Mujtaba

Media courses are no more a domain for the boys  alone; even the girls these days are attracted towards them in a big way. The reason being women as role model in media industry is making their presence felt and they are attracting  girl candidates towards media studies.

National College of Media & Communication, located in Puzhal, Chennai, is a shining example of growing interest of girl students in media courses. Here a sizable number of girls are pursuing different media courses; Visual Communication, Animation, Journalism, Film studies to name a few.

National College of Media & Communication, provides a state of art facilities to run such courses. It has and excellent team of faculty that nurture students in various disciplines. Here students are taught from hand drawing, sculpturing, computer imagery, still and video imagery and to produce films.

However, there are some myths about media courses when it comes to girls. Parents are reluctant to enroll their daughters to media courses. They are scared about the scope of the course, particularly about the future career opportunities. In addition many parents feel that their daughter have to work in an industry which essentially dominated by men. Some also have reservations about the work timings as well. These assumptions are far from true.

The media scene is fast changing these days.There are many women film directors and many famous directors have at least one woman assistant director. Similarly women directors and producers are ruling the Television shows. Many TV shows have a big list of women personnel. Women Ad film makers have set up high standards in the media industry.Broadcast journalism has huge demand for girl candidate. Girls are joining television journalism profession in a big way.

The systematic approaches of women are appreciated well in the media industry. The have a natural edge over men in this industry. It has been proven that women have a better sense for appreciating beauty and many companies prefer women Web Designers, Graphic designers for their aesthetic taste.

As far as work timings are concerned, some companies are liberal about it. Expecting mothers and mothers with young child are allowed to have flexible timings. They even have the option to work from home.

So, there is s a big opportunity that awaits women in growing media industry. The route to enter this field is through getting a training from National College of Media & Communication, NCMC, the college exclusively devoted to media studies. Those who have the will to excel in this field.must get a degree from National College of Media & Communication. After that there there is no stopping back for them.

Syed Ali Mujtaba is the head of National College of Media & Communication MCMC. He can be reached at

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